Lighting the West, dividing a tribe

For almost half a century, America’s largest native reservation relied on coal: for jobs and economic vitality. Now the coal era on the Navajo reservation appears near an end.

Coal Mining in Navajo Nation Are the consequences worth it – NBCNews


Peabody, Tribe Mum On Lawsuit Settlement

August 19, 2011 by Marley Shebala 
Navajo Times

Navajo Nation, Peabody Energy, Salt River Project and Southern California Edison Reach Settlement on Navajo Royalty Litigation

August 4, 2011 by PRNewswire 

Black Mesa Group Wants

July 14, 2011 by Marley Shebala 
Navajo Times

Lovejoy: New 4 Corners lease a bad deal

February 24, 2011 by Lynda Lovejoy 
Navajo Times

State Senator Lynda Lovejoy letter to Pres. Ben Shelly re. APS lease extension and royalties

February 19, 2011 by Lynda Lovejoy

The Honorable Speaker, Johnny Naize, states “[N]umerous hours of negotiation were spent to create a fair revised agreement for the Navajo People.” The lease extension will guarantee a meager annual payment of$7 mi1lion for TWENTY-FIVE (25) years. Before you put your signature to the Council approved APS lease, I urge you to seriously evaluate the impression that this is a “FAIR” agreement for the Navajo People. Are you willing to veto this measure and return it to the Council to ask ‘”Is this the best you can do? Please bring forward a better deal.”

Peabody coal mine documentation released

February 15, 2011, by Andy Bessler 
Navajo Hopi Observer

The public including Navajo and Hopi citizens can now easily access this important and large document. Readers can now learn more about Peabody’s reclamation plans, large water impoundment that contains toxic pollution and details about protecting wildlife and important sacred lands. The web access to Peabody’s mining plans makes transparent the sheer volume and local impacts from Peabody’s coal mining on Black Mesa. The 30 volume permit application can be downloaded at  www.coaldiver.org/Kayenta. For more information, visit www.blackmesawatercoalition.org or www.sierraclub.org/coal.

Coal Mine Records Made Accessible

February 13, 2011 by Carol Berry 
Indian Country Today

Feds release records for northern Ariz. coal mine

February 11, 2011 by Associated Press 
KSWT News 13

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley vetos Legislation to allow impacted chapters to have a voice in mineral leases

January 8, 2011 ONNP&VPPress Release 
Office of Navajo Nation Vice President

Navajo Tribal Council Give Chapters a Say in Energy Projects

January 2, 2011 Navajo Times

Black Mesa United support Title 18 Amendments Resolution

January 2, 2011 BMU Press Release


Voices Stomped by Fern Benally

August 4, 2010 Navajo Times

Unknown Publishing Dates

Peabody Council Resolution Passes

Unknown Date Navajo Times