About Us

This grass root organization consists of a board of directors, sector representatives, and members.

Board Members

The board of directors consists of 13 directors with two members from each of the six sectors and one secretary from one sector. The two members from each sector are the chair and vice-chair or leading representatives from each sector: The board is still forming but current members are:

Sector Representatives

Great Springs Sector 
Chair: Phillip Etsitty 

Vice-Chair: LeRoy Thomas

Secretary: Dr. Karletta Chief

Treasurer: Vacant

Sage Springs Sector 
Chair: Loretta Jobes

Vice-Chair: Martha Chee

Secretary: Steve Interpreter

Treasurer: Vacant

Yellow Water Sector 
Chair: Kee Yazzie

Vice-Chair: Annie Herrera

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant

Representative: Tommy Yazzie

White Grass Sector 
Representative: Ben Crank

Representative: Rose Yazzie

Representative: Lillie Johnson

White House Sector 
Chair: Anita Yazzie

Vice-Chair: Maxine Kescoli

Secretary: Edwin Yazzie

Treasurer: Vacant

Representative: Veronica Whitehair